Friday, July 29, 2016

Exterior maintenance

This has been a busy week about Brenderups... one call about replacing fibreglass panels and two about the gate cyclinders.

Here are a couple suggestions about the walls and exterior.   I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean the plastic surfaces at least once each season.  Use household detergent on the easy stuff and Goo-Gone or something strong on tree sap.  Careful working on the roof...   Hoses, water and ladders don't mix well.

Once clean, I started using a high quality UV protecterant laveled "303", "Marine/Recreational Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner", found at boat sales and repair centers.  About $13/bottle but is reported to be the top product for protecting kayaks, boats and other plastic surfaces from UltraViolet degradation.

AS for cracks in the walls, DON"T start by trying to remove the vinyl... I haven't heard of anyone having positive results for replacing the exterior surfaces.  Interiors are slightly easier.

Start by cleaning everything and trying to use a silicone glue/sealer (like for around bathtubs) to seal the cracks.

If anyone has positive experiences or suggestions they would be welcome!

Happy Trails,   Jeff

Intro about this blog

Welcome to my story and hints about maintaining a Brenderup Trailer.  This all started in 2011 when we forgot to release the brakes on our trailer and drove 200 miles to a show at the NJ HOrse Park.   We realized the mistake, made it home, but by the time we arrived home there were screetching and grinding noises coming from the wheels on the trailer.

Local mechanics didn't want to touch the  "not-made-in-the-USA" trailer so I set about searhing for parts and doing the repair myself.  In this blog you will find (if the links are still in place) various fixes that I and others have done.  If you hve an issue to discuss please grab the phone and call.  717-620-9676.

I am not a dealer, just a retired engineer who's eventing daughter made this all possible.

Travel save!

Jeff Kurtz

July 2016 update:

Happy Trails to all of you!  I received two calls recently for the cylinders which boost the ramp lift mechanism.  As far as I know, Andy is still importing them to the US.

Rita and Andy Kaulbach
Mountain Top Trailer Sales
454 West Main StTilton, NH 032761-
603-494-9787 Andy
1-603-493-8057 Rita

There are two posts I have updated, below, from a few years ago when I searched for suppliers in the UK.  Hopefully you can use them for a resource for parts.

If you have a trailer, or parts to sell, don't hesitate to post them here or email details to me.

Jeff Kurtz

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Possible alternate supplier from UK.

1/2/14:  Here are possible UK vendors who are interested in shipping individual orders to the USA.:  Listed in order received, no preference given to any.

GT Towing Limited:
Hi Jeff

Happy new Year to you also

We would be happy to despatch goods to you. We would need to full VIN number to obtain prices for parts when required

Many thanks



~~~~~~~~   Feedback from one of the blog readers just a few days after I posted this: 
Hi Jeff,
Just wanted to let you know that I ended up ordering through  They were not very helpful with helping me find the exact parts I needed, but I paid $138 (including shipping) for an AK-LO brake shoe kit and 6 safety nuts and they were here in 2 days.  Through Mountain Top it would've been $300+ shipping...ouch.  Here's to hoping I have the right sizes and can get them installed properly!  Thanks for your help and feel free to pass the word on trailer-tek.   Cristin O.  January 9, 2014.   (by Jeff)
Adam Thurgood Director

GT Towing
Great North Road
01707 262526
08714 335662

PLEASE NOTE: This communication and the information it contains:-
(a) is intended for the recipient(s) or organisation(s) named and for no other person or organisation and
(b) may be confidential, legally privileged and protected by law.
(c) unauthorised use, copying or disclosure of any of it may be unlawful. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender immediately.
G T Towing Limited is registered in England with company number 2583134. Vat Number: 230 1912 12
The registered office of G T Towing Limited is: Great North Road, Welham Green, Nr Hatfield, Herts. AL9 5SD


No problem shipping to the US. The shipping cost is calculated at the checkout. We list most running gear parts for Brenderup trailers but if you can't find what you need send the part no. or image and we will try to help.
Thank you for your enquiry and a Happy New Year to you too.
Karl Edan

Warren Farm
Micheldever Station
SO21 3AS
(01962) 77 49 88
(01962) 795 093


If you should contact any of these dealers, please let me know the results, particularly pricing and shipping costs.

Jeff Kurtz

Keep those cards and letters coming!

Link to factory manual <<<

Here's a link to some detail on bearings available on

another parts supplier from the UK!

This just in from a UK supplier!!
Hi Jeff,

We are one of the UK’s largest Brenderup dealers and we are able to supply most parts, we have not sent items out to the US before but I’m sure we can find a courier that can help with this. The only items I think we may struggle to supply are larger items such as ABS lids and Mesh / extension side kits.
As for brake parts, bearings,  dampers etc we hold most of these in stock.
We are in the process of rebuilding or website and we should have most of the parts listed on there in the coming months.

Let me know exactly what parts you required and I can get back to you with some prices

kind regards

Stuart Kirk
Vinten House
Target Business Centre
Bircholt Road
Park Wood Industrial Estate
ME15 9YY
T: 01622 233353
~~~~~~~~~  I am pleased to hear from this vendor and I specifically asked him about the pneumatic lift cylinders for the ramps...   Will let you all know what I hear back.     If you contact this vendor please send feedback so that we can know how well they may be as a supplier.   Jeff

Friday, June 24, 2016

July 2016

Good Morning from a hot Southern Illinois!  Hope your rides include shade and your travels include back roads and horses...

This post is just to let you know that, although I'm not directly involved with horses and trailers any longer, I'm still the engineer and tinker who put all these ideas together and I get calls for assistance often.

The phone is the quickest way to reach me... I don't always see emails as quickly as I would like.

Travel safe and let's keet the Brenderups on the road!

Jeff   717-620-9676

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Safety Brake Trip Wire fix

... now I have a new question(thanks goodness for your blog!).  Someone took the clip at the end of my safety cable(the one attached to the emergency hand brake)and in doing so, shredded some of the cable wires so I think I need to replace the whole thing.  It appears that I can bend the hook attached to the brake itself and take the whole thing off...what would you replace it with?  I'm guessing Ace hardware in Davis may carry wire cable but I would need to find a way to hook it at one end and attache it to the hitch on the other.   K. B.

Thanks for asking,,, 
I'll bet that clip came unhooked and was drug a few miles...   Go to a farm supply store (Ace or Rural King or Tractor Supply) and seek help.  They sell the wire cables, fasteners to create a loop in the cable, 'caribeener' clips to replace the missing one.  You should at least add a few inches of cable so that it doesn't become too short and bind when making turns or something... if that trips the brakes your trailer will stop on a dime.

Koch 1 Foot of Galvanized Cable 7x7 1/16" 002023

SKU: 561015  |



Koch Rope Clip 1/16" 070023  (USE TWO!)

SKU: 561141  |
In stock.


Koch Standard Jaw Steel Quick Link 5/16" - Bright Zinc 093253

SKU: 561552  |
In stock.

My daughter didn't have the hitch secured and the trailer came unhitched on a railroad crossing.   The system worked and stopped the trailer.   Then they had to replace that "trip-wire" altogether.
Glad I could help again!