Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gas Springs available in SK Canada

REposting info about gas struts with an update from today:

From April R, 6/27/17:

"I wanted to give you an update on the Gas struts source.  I just ordered them from Andy, which was a mistake because he is marking them up over 30% to $95 each, so the better source is definitely LS Technologies, even if you have to pay a bit more in shipping."

Prior POST:  This just in from Kathy M in Alberta AB:
"I just wanted to let you know that the gas springs are available from LS Technologies in Saskatoon, SK Canada. 
The originals on my 2007 Prestige were Stabilus Lift-O-Mat 7907RV (1500N force, 607mm extended length, 245 mm stroke), and the Stabilus dealer in Calgary wanted $440.50 EACH (not a typo!), with a 17 week waiting period.  I attached the spec sheet, as an FYI.
LS Technologies was able to build and supply me the next day with a pair that had all the same specs for Cdn$140.00 for the pair  They will ship throughout Canada and the US, and are familiar with the Brenderup trailers, as they regularly supply customers in the US.  (Prices may have changed since I got them several months ago!)
I found out when I went to install the springs that the originals were installed under a slight load (i.e. compressed.)  What I ended up doing was putting the top of the spring on the trailer, and then used the scissor jack from my vehicle placed on a board on the ground to lift the bottom end of the spring until it was level with the ball attachment on the trailer, and then just tapped the board over so that the spring socket slipped on to the ball.
Here is the website:

The phone is 888-878-0837, and email is info@lstechnologies.ca
LS Technologies specializes in the supply of Gas Springs, stainless steel gas springs, mounting hardware and linear actuators.
Here;s the drawing:  https://www.dropbGas 'strut Details  


Calgary, AB

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Update:  Years ago when I started this blog I use the url: www.BrenderHelp.com

Since this is not a monty making blog I didn't pay to renew the URL.  Otherwise people find this blog by searches or referrals from friends.  Please share the info with anyone you know who has a Brendrup!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tire recommendation

What manufacturer would you recommend for replacement tires for my 2006 Brenderup Royal TC?

Hey, thanks for asking!  I'm not a tire expert, so I suggest finding a trailer company or dealer near you and get their opinion.  Second best is to get to a quality tire store (other than Walmart) for an opinion.  We have tried passenger car tires and had no adverse affects.  If you do a lot of rough roads (like most TX two lane roads) you might want something with a higher rating.
Be sure to be armed with your trailer weight capacity so you get a tire with enough load carrying capacity. 

I don't think worring too much about tires is that trailer tires have a much easier life than cars and trucks... the surfaces do get used for braking, but that's the only time that they really mean any7thing in handling.  If properly inflated they should track well.  They aren't used for acceleration.  Load carrying is their primary use so check the ratings of your trailer and at least match that.   Keep them properly inflated.  They are more likely to suffer from age and ultraviolet light damage than anything else.

If you don't like spending $0.75 to use the air pumps at a quick mart, go throuth the DIESEL truck lanes at a truckstop and use the airlines there.  They are always free, have lots of pressure, it's a safe space even at night.  The air hose will be right at the fuel pumps (along with  hose for water.)

RV dealers recommend replacing tires in about 7 years, just due to age.  Here's how to find the year and month a tire was manufactured.

Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer.

Paint and cracks?

Quesion:  I own a 2009 Solo and I would like to paint the exterior walls. Do you recommend painting the exterior body, (not the fiberglass top)? Can you recommend the type of paint I should use? 

Also, can you suggest what can be used to fill the cracks? I just noticed a rather large crack on the bottom of the ramp, above the licence plate. 

My thoughts...

I'm not sure about the best paint.  Some lowes stores have good paint people, but you might do better at Ace or True Value.  I've had good experiencew with Sherwin Williams, but that was mostly with house paint.
Maybe even a boat dealer or a body shop could help you.  Whover it is I would them to walk out to the trailer so they can see what the material is before they offer a suggestion.
Filling cracks is a good question.  I haven't had to do that on my trailer, but on other projects envolving plastic products I've had really good luck with JB Weld, sold at auto supply stores.  I have been using clear, but they may also make white.  It's epoxy so you have to do it in small batches because it cures quickly.
If you just want to get it sealed from water you could use any good silicone caulk.  You can get it in white or clear in tubes from something the size of a tube of toothpaste to something you would use in a caulking gun.  Ace or True Value always have that stuff.
Send pics of what your trailer looks like and then again when you're finished.
 You can always call most any time if you want to discuss something.
Happy Trails!
Jeff Kurtz

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

From one of our readers in Eastern PA:

"2000 Brenderup Baron TC.   I am looking for door trim and wondering if anyone else out there needs trim or where they got it from.  Also, I need to replace the flap door on the back and wanted to know if anyone else did it and what they used.

Thank you,
Michael K

I can be reached at athangu@comcast.net"

If anyone has done door trim replacement (weather strip on the storage area doors) please give Michael an email with pics and details.   As for rear door replacement, I haven't seen any laminated products to recommend.  I sugest Marine plywood with a good sealer and then white paint... or leave it natural wood and decorate with a branding iron or something from a sign company.

He also asked me about installing additional LED lighting.   I haven't done any wiring.  If you have, send pics and details.  

Happy Trails!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Replacing struts on ramp door.

This just received from an owner in Davis, CA:

Thanks to the information on your blog, I was in contact with LS Technologies(located in Saskatoon, SK, Canada) about my failed gas lifts(springs) on my Brenderup Royal TC:  I. sent them an e-mail with my problem and a photo of one of the lifts.  A wonderful fellow named Nolan figured out what I needed, and I paid with a credit card over the phone for two new gas springs.  The total was $100.46 for two springs plus $25.00 shipping.  They were originally out of stock of this spring but shipped them as soon as they had inventory. This is a great company to deal with:  good customer service and  communication!  

We had to mount the new spring on the upper hole rather than the lower hole(it was a slightly different length) and add a few new washers to keep it from rubbing. It turned out that only one spring had gone bad so I’m holding onto the other one for a future repair.  Perhaps if I had mounted it under pressure, it would have worked getting it in the original mounting hole?  It’s working just fine with this configuration.

Photo below is new spring mounted…..  Photo at bottom is original mounting position.

Thanks so much for your blog:  I love my Brenderup and want to keep it as new as possible for the next owner:   I will probably be selling it later this year since I’m retiring my old gelding from trail riding far afield!

Hopefully that will be useful information to several of you.   Happy Trails,    Jeff