Friday, June 24, 2016

July 2016

Good Morning from a hot Southern Illinois!  Hope your rides include shade and your travels include back roads and horses...

This post is just to let you know that, although I'm not directly involved with horses and trailers any longer, I'm still the engineer and tinker who put all these ideas together and I get calls for assistance often.

The phone is the quickest way to reach me... I don't always see emails as quickly as I would like.

Travel safe and let's keet the Brenderups on the road!

Jeff   717-620-9676

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Safety Brake Trip Wire fix

... now I have a new question(thanks goodness for your blog!).  Someone took the clip at the end of my safety cable(the one attached to the emergency hand brake)and in doing so, shredded some of the cable wires so I think I need to replace the whole thing.  It appears that I can bend the hook attached to the brake itself and take the whole thing off...what would you replace it with?  I'm guessing Ace hardware in Davis may carry wire cable but I would need to find a way to hook it at one end and attache it to the hitch on the other.   K. B.

Thanks for asking,,, 
I'll bet that clip came unhooked and was drug a few miles...   Go to a farm supply store (Ace or Rural King or Tractor Supply) and seek help.  They sell the wire cables, fasteners to create a loop in the cable, 'caribeener' clips to replace the missing one.  You should at least add a few inches of cable so that it doesn't become too short and bind when making turns or something... if that trips the brakes your trailer will stop on a dime.

Koch 1 Foot of Galvanized Cable 7x7 1/16" 002023

SKU: 561015  |



Koch Rope Clip 1/16" 070023  (USE TWO!)

SKU: 561141  |
In stock.


Koch Standard Jaw Steel Quick Link 5/16" - Bright Zinc 093253

SKU: 561552  |
In stock.

My daughter didn't have the hitch secured and the trailer came unhitched on a railroad crossing.   The system worked and stopped the trailer.   Then they had to replace that "trip-wire" altogether.
Glad I could help again!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Brenderup Baron HB - $7000 (Georgetown)

2 horse Brenderup Baron HB, great shape! 2 owners, trailered horses less than 20 times. Has floor mats, floor mat risers, spare tire, saddle rack, bridle hooks, tires in good shape. Trailer is large enough for warmbloods, thoroughbreds.

Originally designed in Europe to carry two horses of any size when towed by any vehicle, of which the engine develops 125 horse power, with a wheel base as short as 93 Ins. Baron HB, all clear space forward of the chest bar for 65 Ins. The easiest trailer to load and unload. Saddle racks and hanging space under the front window. Extra wide groom door on either side allows loading of the biggest tack trunk. All Baron trailers have walls of SPC (solid phenolic resin) to deter the effects of humidity, an industry "first".

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Posting units for sale for the good of the sellers

You will se occassional for sale ads here.   I'm not charging for that service, but looking to help get thest trailers into the hands of Brendrup fans.   Not to mention helping the for-sale-by-owner's accomplish their goal.  

Please recommend the site to your friends.

Happy Trails,


2003 Prestige - Venice, FL $4,200

2003 Brenderup Prestige Horse Trailer - $4200 (Venice)

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5
© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
condition: goodsize / dimensions: 2003
Hard to find light weight Brenderup horse trailer, good condition, lightly used. I pulled it from OK with my 4 cylinder Hyundai Tucson loaded with furniture.

2009 Brenderup Baron L $11,000, Vancouver, BC

2009 Brenderup Baron L - Two Horse Trailer - $11000

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 9image 10image 11image 12image 13
condition: like new
2009 Brenderup Baron L HBodometer: 2000 fuel : othertransmission : othertitle status : clean

In EXCELLENT condition! ONE OWNER - We bought it brand new in 2009 and have only used it a couple times a year since then.
Our reason for selling is that we bought it for our daughter who has now gone away to college and does not use it anymore.

Designed in Europe to be pulled behind smaller vehicles for gas efficiency but still made to hold any size horses. It is the biggest model of Brenderups and is designed for horses up to 18hds. I trailered my two quarter horses in it (one 16.2hd and one 15hd - big boys!) and they absolutely love the ride! Very smooth traveling on either gravel roads or pavement and I never experienced any swaying while going highway speeds - with or without horses.

Designed and made in Denmark for over 75 years. Assembled in the USA for over 25 years.

Steel frame with SPC walls give it the durability yet lightness required for an easy and efficient pull. The SPC walls also make it very cool and quiet(not a rattle box).
Weight: 2,150 lbs

Inertia 4-wheel brakes (No need for separate brake box in cab and these brakes were a dream to pull with and a much smoother braking system for horses)

Adjustable butt and chest bars to fit any size horse.
Interior Height: 7' 6"

Interior Width: 5' 5"

Interior Length: 12' 5"

15 in Aluminum wheels and comes with a spare (they are automobile tires which makes the ride even smoother - not like normal, rigid trailer tires)

Rear stability jacks to give bigger horses a very stable loading experience.

Dutch style, rear ramp door - drive with top half up or down for more or less circulation. The ramp is heavy to prevent swaying or bending when horses are loading(it can support the full weight of a horse) however it has hydraulics to assist with opening and closing - making it easy to handle.

Full interior lighting - can drive with them on or off.

Two side entrances to the front of the trailer/tack area.

Two side windows - five way adjustable depending on how you want the air flow.

Tack area with saddle rack, pad rack, bridle and halter hooks, room for a couple bales of hay, etc.

Big front window with storage shelf below it.

Removable feeding trough for both stalls.

Removable box for extra storage on the front of the trailer.

Lockable hitch to prevent theft when parked.

These trailers are meant to last and hold their value incredibly well! I am asking 11,000 OBO. Please contact me to set up a time to see it.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Parts from The Brenderup Gal

My name is Jane Hart.  Some people know me as The Brenderup Gal.  I have a few Brenderup parts for sale at special discount prices.
Please feel free to contact me at  with any questions.  

I have ramp struts that have never been used that I am deeply discounting.  I only have one of each of these two styles:

-   7907 RV 1500NG16  $38.00
-   5814 VK 1600ND10  $45.00


New Peg Style Butt Bar 31",  (for two horse trailer).   $90.00 (retail $120.00)

New, Rare, Brenderup Logo Dressage Saddle Pad $40.00 (retail $50.00)

New Amber Reflector Lights $7.00 ea.  (retail $9.00)

Plastic plugs  $2.00 each - top of Round plug is 1 1/4", Square plug is 1 1/2" 

Shipping cost is not included in the prices.